What Does It Mean to be Greek ?
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hry mdas
2014-07-13 07:05:50 UTC
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what does it mean to be greek ?

to be leaders in politics and deception,
acting as tyrants,
with no knowledge of justice and christian values.

to be lovers of money and economics,
and not lovers of god.

to be leaders in philosophy and education
with no need for war and power struggles.

to be leaders in truth, science and technology
with no need for politics.

to be oppressed, burdened and crucified
every day of your life.

to constantly face enemies who outnumber us,
fighting relentlessly for the rest of your life.

to believe and follow the twelve gods of olympus
with no knowledge of the christian god.

to be workers of the physical body,
with no intelligence or spirituality.

to be a hard, untintelligent, stubborn,
divisive, difficult character,
needing to be disciplined by the hard authority
of paul the apostle.

to be hard, stubborn, difficult in character,
oppressive and abusive towards children.

to be kind and generous towards your enemies,
even though they hate you and wish to oppress you.
2014-07-13 13:33:05 UTC
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Post by hry mdas
what does it mean to be greek ?
Something you'll never be, Slav.