The Greek Macedonian Hero Capetan Kotas (requested by Don Kotas)
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The Greek Macedonian Hero Capetan Kotas
Captain Kotas or Kostas: Born in the village of Roulia (today named Kotas)
in Korestia in 1860, he has been oposed as a young man to the Turkalbanian
local Bey who was opressing the christians. In 1897 he passed in the
guerilla along with Lazos Tsolakis and Athanasios Giorlis from Aposkepos,
Kastoria, Nakos from Sistevo, Alexis Nastos from Tserovo(Kleidi), Florina,
Vasilios Bekniaris from Zelovo(Antartiko), and Spyros Paraskevaidis from
Pampi(Laimos), Prespa. This first guerilla group he formed was totally
independent and was turned strictly against the Turkish opressive rule.
Then, around 1898-99, he came in contact with the IMRO, as he beleived
in the potential of common action of all the christians of Macedonia against
the Turks. He has not been the only slavophone Greek to cooperate with the
Bulgarian comitates, who poretended at this time acting in the interest of
both christian communities of Macedonia. Having defined his priorities, he
said ''let's kill the
bear [the Ottoman rule] and we'll manage easily to share the skin''.
Anyway, he soon became a fierce enemy of the Bulgarian organization. In
August 1900, when the Bulgarians assasinated many Greek Patriots in
Macedonia, he formed a new guerilla group, 100% Greek this time, and became
a real
threat for the Bulgarian interests. The Comitates attempted many times to
kill him, and finally he has been severely wounded in a Bulgarian trap in
October 1900. He collaborated closely with Germanos Karavaggelis, the
Metropolite of Kastoria, the heart of the Greek resistance in Macedonia, who
described him as ''protector of the Orthodox people and terror of the
Bulgarians'', but who was also due later to tragically denounce him
Captain Kotas' first priority was always the brotherhood of all
christians in Macedonia towards the Turks.
The arrival of Gotse Delchev in the Kastoria region in November 1901
intensified the attempts of the Comitates to kill him. They managed to
arrest him but he managed to persuade Gotse Delchev that he had changed
his opinions and got away.
In August 1902 he fought against Mitro Vlachos, Tsakalarof, Kliasef and
Bulgarian guerilla groups in a big victorious battle in the village
Ostima(Trigono) near Kastoria. He fought aside Captain Geles' corps and the
Zelovites and Pisoderites Greek patriots under the commands of Tsamis
Before the Ilin-den revolution, the united Bulagomacedonian corpses of
Kastoria and Florina (around 300 men) attaced Kotas and his fellow-warriors,
but finally retreated before attempting the final battle.
He participated independently in the Ilin-den revolution, refusing to accept
the slightest order from the organising Comitates, but fighting fiercely
the Turks. Captain Kotas never attacked Bulgarian macedonian civilians and
only took action against the Bulgarian Comitates when they murdered Greek
patriots or simple villagers, therefore in a defensive way. He beleived that
all the christians of Macedonia should cooperate against the Ottomans
instead of slaughtering each other. He was a very proud and therefore very
independent person, totally incontrollable.
When the Bulgarian Comitates assasinated the whole family of his friend and
co-fighter Ioannis Zaikos from Bresnitsa (Vatochori) , he revenged by
killing the Voevoda Poptraikof.
In the beginnings of 1904 he went to Athens along with his loyal
collaborators Vasileios Ramos from Ostima, Ilias Gathoutsis, Pavlos Kyrou
from Zelovo ans Simos Stoyannidis from Armensko, in order to prepare, along
with the Greek Army Staff, the plans for the beginning of the Macedonian
Struggle. He returned in Macedonia along with some Greek Officers, including
Pavlos Melas , who testified the important influence of Capetan Kotas
between the Macedonian Greeks.
His Corps, including Euthymios Kaoudis, George Perakis, George
Dikaionymos-Makris, Dimitris Dalipis, Simos Ioannidis, Pavlos Kyrou, Stefos
Grigoriou, Lakis Ntailakis and other Captains, fought repeatedly the
Bulgarian Corpses up to May 1904. His best friend was Captain Kostas Kaoudis
from Crete, they had sworn eternal friendship and common death. But the rest
of his co-fighters became furious with Captain Kotas because, as they
asserted, he did not undertake active action against the Bulgarians. His
ideas for cooperation of the two christian nationalities in Macedonia
against the Turks seperated him from his co-warriors who gradually deserted
Up to the end of his life, Captain Kotas remained an idealist, purehearted
fighter, and has been sacrificed infamely because of his moderate positions
towards friends and enemies. The autoritary Metropolite of Kastoria,
Germanos Karavaggelis, having failed after many attempts to control him and
make him his blind organ, finally gave him up to the Turks who arrested him
and decapitated him in 1904. This is how he ...paid for all his struggles
for Greece.
The Hero Captain Kotas, whose birthplace village bears his name, is
considered today the most important figure in the preparation of the
Macedonian Struggle.
Macedonia is Greece ANY way you look at it
Konstaninu Christu or Kote Hristov was uncle to my grand grand ma, she was from Roulia, Florina.
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Konstaninu Christu or Kote Hristov was uncle to my grand grand ma, she was from Roulia, Florina.